Stretcher Isolation (Negative Pressure)

IsoArk N36 series is an ideal temporary solution to rapidly isolate a person or an item that is thought to be contaminated by infectious particles or diseases before moving them to an isolated area for safe treatment.


  • The isolation chamber is equipped with its own negative pressure filtration system to provide maximum protection and operational safety for both the contaminated person or item and the operational team.
  • The chamber liner is made from a special material and strengthened by inserting aluminium poles.
  • The filtration system consists of a blower connected to the HEPA filter unit to filter the contaminated air before distributing to the outside.
  • There are zipped portals are integrated into the liner, which are used for infusions, catheter equipment, etc.
  • There are integrated zipped glove portals on each side for internal working access while the chamber is closed.
  • Battery back-up: up to 10 hrs
  • HEPA filter provides 99.9995% typical efficiency for particle size of 0.3 microns.
  • Negative pressure with operational blower: ≥30 Pa
  • Airflow rate: 36 m3/h
  • Brand: Beth-El, Israel