Portable Clean Room (Positive Pressure)

SteriTent, portable clean room, is designed for the rapid setup of a clean environment that is separated from the SteriTent’s outside surroundings. The SteriTent is a complete solution for turning any room or space into a biologically sterile area, allowing for the treatment of people and matter. Other applications may include mail screening, workplace safety in harmful dust environments and temporary laboratory work.


  • The system is designed to be a positive pressure chamber.
  • Consists of 3 main parts as follows:
    1) Airlock provides an interim-pressured airspace for personnel entering and exiting the chamber. When entering the airlock the filtration system will automatically switch to a high-flush mode to ensure that negative pressure is maintained even when entering or exiting the chamber.
    2) Main chamber is constructed from a lightweight aluminium ‘quick connect’ structure supporting the transparent chamber liner that is made from special resistant laminate
    3) Filtration system combines a pre filter, a highly efficient HEPA-filter and a UV-radiation source.
  • ables, wires and tubes can be routed through utility sleeves to operate equipment inside the isolated area.
  • Control panel on filtration system controls on/off switch, air flow rate, and high flushing mode.
  • Cleanliness level is class 1000
  • Dimensions available upon customer needs.
  • Dimensions of main chamber for standard models:
    Other dimensions are available upon request
  • Airlock dimensions (W×L×H): 1.60 x 0.90 x 2.10 m
  • Airlock weight: 54 kg
  • Airflow rate (3 Stages): 1,000, 1,400, and 2,200 m3/h
  • Brand: Beth-El, Israel